Free Personalized Adventure Jar For Three Siblings

Personalize your children and create a free personalized Adventure Jar full of amazing activities for kids.

It’s been a long day. Your kids are full of energy and maybe even a little bored. You’ve exhausted all the activities you usually do and could really use some new ideas. Sound familiar? Well, we have the perfect solution for you: our Hooray Adventure Jar! Personalize each of your children and we'll email you personalized adventure ideas for fantastic activities for your kids - short ones, long ones, sporty ones, artsy ones, ones kids can do on their own, and ones you can enjoy together as a family. And they’re 100% FREE – so create yours now!


Our newest personalized book - "Nalia, Camden & Kaylee - The Dream Team" - is all about the amazing bond that three kids share. From how they laugh to how they chill to how they explore together, this book makes their relationship shine like never before.

While “The Dream Team” is all about siblings' fun, our “Always Little” book series focuses on real-life moments between the dad and his three kiddos. These include riding a bike, cooking together, and splashing around in the pool. But of course, they’re about so much more than that. We know we have to enjoy these moments before we blink and they become memories. This book is here to help you remember them.

Three little girls showing the Hooray Heroes' Dream Team Personalized Book