Coloring book for our NEW book: Hooray Adam you did it!

Your favorite sidekicks have their own coloring book! Use your imagination to color them in and bring them to life yourself!

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Pairs perfectly with these 2 personalized books

1. Hooray Lucas! You Did It!

Life is full of milestones, especially for a new born and their parents as they share these precious little moments together. Celebrate your kiddo’s personal milestones with “Hooray, Lucas! You Did It!“, which focuses solely on your kiddo and their accomplishments such as “first tooth”, “first step” or “first word”.

2. When Lily Grows Up

Kids love seeing themselves as the heroes of our books, but dads are heroes too! Now, dads get some of the spotlight as they join the action of EVERY PAGE and the COVER of this new Grows Up book! With more personalization options than ever before, you can create a truly unique book for Dad that captures the magic of watching his little one grow up.

Personalized book "When Amy Grows Up"