You won’t be able to hold back the laughter when you see these photos!

Baby firsts are objectively funny!

As babies are, in a way, people in training, sometimes they take a more, shall we say, unorthodox approach to how they tackle adult tasks.  Try as they might, the fruits of their infantile efforts end up hilarious.  I mean, who doesn’t have a baby picture of themselves with birthday cake and frosting smeared across their face? 

In fact, we made an entire book about it!

Hooray Jeremy! You Did It! is our personalized children’s book that celebrates not only the funny firsts your child will have, but also the adorable, the moving, and the slightly silly ones as well. You have the choice between 5 fun-loving sidekicks that’ll accompany your kiddo on their first adventures, helping them each tiny step of the way! And, as always, the best personalization options you’ve come to expect from Hooray Heroes!

Putting our money where our mouth is

We decided to put this to the test, and asked our followers on social media to submit photos of their kids’ first experiences.  Our illustrator, Jeremy Polonen, chose five of those photos and made illustrations of them, with hilariously cute results!  Take a look for yourselves, and we dare you to not laugh!

First Trip to the Pool

First up is baby’s first trip to the swimming pool.  And even if this is this little kiddo’s first trip, that look of subtle contentment mixed with a n’importe quoi attitude, just got to us.  Not to mention jowls and rolls of baby fatness that are so cute!

First Lost Baby Tooth

Next on the list is a phenomenon that everyone has to go through, but the first time is a little shocking.  When your first baby tooth starts to get loose, it’s a mystifying experience.  What’s happening to my teeth?  Do I have gingivitis?  I knew I should have been flossing!  So don’t panic, it’s totally normal.  But getting that loose tooth out, now that’s a different story!  I doubt this little boy use the old slam the door with a string tied around it trick, but the resulting photo is about as cute as they come (PSST, in no way try this at home!)!

First Trip

OK, c’mon, there’s something wrong with you if you don’t think this is a hilarious photo.  The little kid is almost as big as their suitcase, and the expression on their face!?!?  That’s worth the price of admission there.  Jeremy really caught that smile, too, in all its toothy brilliance!

First Broccoli

There are very few things on earth that divide opinion like broccoli.  For some, it’s a delicious vegetable, something that can pair well with a plethora of other ingredients.  For others, like this little tyke, it’s second only to the fires and brimstone of Hades.  Maybe this is why people always film their kids’ first experiences with broccoli.  Even if it divides opinion, we can at least all agree that this pic is 100% cute!

First Spaghetti-os experience

Ah yes.  The true test of dexterity.  Can your little one eat spaghetti-os without making a mess.  99 times out of a 100, the answer is a categorical “no”.  And this is comic gold.  Covered in sauce, foot inexplicably up in the high seat, and loving every second of it!  So cleaning up might not be too much fun, but photos like this one, and the memories that go with it, are absolutely priceless!

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