How to Draw Like a Hero!

We love the fact that kids and adults love our books, so we thought it would be nice to not just help them fall in love with reading, but also fall in love with drawing as well!  The fun and amazing artworks here are featured in several of our editions, and while they might look complicated at first, after watching these cute and easy tutorials, you and your little ones will have so much fun drawing!  And who knows where their imaginations will go after following these simple steps! 

Download step by step guide here:


How to draw a unicorn

What’s even more rare that the rarest thing there is? A UNICORN!! Learn how to draw this amazing creature here!

How to draw a broccoli

So let’s start with an easy one.  While some kids might turn their noses up at the thought of eating it, Broccoli is a surprisingly easy vegetable (and character) to draw! 

How to draw a bunny

Next, you and your little ones can enjoy drawing a cute *BONUS* character by our amazing illustrators, a cuddly bunny rabbit!  The bunny first appeared when the book for siblings was launched, but he hopped away. 

How to draw a duck

After you’ve mastered bunny rabbits, next try your hand at drawing another character from our personalized siblings book, everyone’s favorite bath-time companion, a fun-loving rubber duck! 

How to draw a dragon

Or how about honing your skills by learning how to draw this doozie of a dragon?! We promise this one won’t breathe fire!

How to draw a parrot

KAW! KAW! KAW! Paulie wants a lot more than a cracker! In fact, Paulie wants you and your little one to learn how to draw an amazing parrot, just like this one!

How to draw a fish

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but none like this one right here! Have fun following along to learn how to draw this fantastic little fishie!

How to draw Lovelee the elephant

And last, but certainly not least, Lovelee the elephant!  You might recognize Lovelee from our personalized book for siblings, but now you’ll be able to have Lovelee wherever you’d like to draw! 

If you’d like to have one of our personalized books for both kids and adults, filled with endless possibilities that makes reading magical, click the link below to get started!