LoveLee interview

Meet LoveLee, the Adorable Elephant from Hooray Heroes Personalized Siblings Books.

We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with LoveLee, one of the stars (alongside your kiddos, obviously!) of our personalized siblings book The Adventures of Chloe and Grace, which is also available for three kiddos!  LoveLee was, well, lovely to meet, and we hope that you enjoy the interview!

  • HH: Hello, LoveLee, how are you doing this fine afternoon?

LL: Hello there, friends! My day has been ele-fantastic! It’s amazing to be here at the Hooray Heroes offices. And you’re listening to Miles Davis!!! I love Miles, he’s my favorite!  I’m a bit of a trumpet player myself.

  • HH: Absolutely! He’s one of our favorites as well. Can we hear some of your trumpeting?

LL: Sure! Tutu- tuturutu trumpetdida- trumpetalada!!! How was that?? Did you like it!

  • HH: That was, uh, well, that was something! So, tell us a little bit about yourself.  Where are you from?

LL: I’m from this beautiful place called Lake Glossy of the Dazzling Shores.  But sometimes we get these very bad storms there, and one of them is responsible for how I got to the real world.

  • HH: Oh, really? What happened?

LL: Miss Duck, my best friend, was taken by the biggest storm anyone could ever imagine, and I lost sight of her at the Big Ol’ Mountain.  I was very sad.  In fact, I only trumpeted blues music.  So, I decided to go find her, and while I was looking, I accidentally fell into a waterfall that magically lead me to the real world.

  • HH: What a story! Did you ever find her?

LL: Well, yes, but it was really fortunate! When I arrived in the real world, I met these three amazing kiddos, and when they brought me home, Miss Duck was there waiting for me, taking a bath, of course!  It was incredible!  I was so happy, I trumpeted for joy!  Tutu- tuturutu!!

  • HH: Wow! We’re so happy to hear that! LoveLee, we’ve got a few other questions for you. Like, what’s one of your favorite things to do?

LL: I love to trumpet, but I also love having tea parties with Miss Duck and my new best friends!  We feel like such royal-tea!!! Tehehehehe!

  • HH: You’re trumpeting is really… something!.  Is there anything else you like to do?

LL: Blowing up balloons and also making bubbles in the bathtub!  I’m ba-loony for balloons and bubbles!

  • HH: Hehehe, so cute! Well, LoveLee, I think that’s going to wrap it up for us here today. Thanks for coming to visit us. Is there anything you’d like to add before we go?

LL: Oh yes! I’d like to play a song! Since I’m going to be spending so much time with Miss Duck and my new best friends, I’d like to dedicate it to them.  Here it goes:

Tutu- tuturutu! How I want to play for you.
Trumpetdida- trumpetalada I stick to you like glue!

Tutu- tuturutu! My heart is trumpeting just for you.
Without you, I’m feelin’ kind of blue!

Trumpetdy-trumpetlala together we’ll go far!

  • HH: Thanks, LoveLee! That was, well, lovely!!