5 Reasons Why a Personalized Book is Way Better than a Toy

Let’s face it, all kids love to get presents.  There’s probably something instinctual about tearing open a package with our name on it and gasping in surprise and amazement with whatever is hiding underneath.  Even adults love to do it!  But when it comes to what’s inside that carefully folded printed paper, books will always outdo toys.  And here are 5 reasons why.

1. They’re gateways to the imagination

As adults, it’s so much fun to get out all of your children’s books that you used to read when you were young.  They weren’t just educational, but there was an element of the fantastic, the place of departure for our fertile imaginations where we could be whatever we wanted to be.  And it all started with books!

2. They’re timeless

Now we might not remember what our favorite toy was when we get older, but books stay with us.  They don’t ever run out of batteries.  They’re a conduit into who we were when we were younger, and kids will feel the same way when they’re older.  And no matter how hard kids try (and trust us, they’ll try), it’s much harder to break a book than break a toy!

3. They’re moving

It’s been proven that people who read are more empathetic and able to put themselves in other people’s shoes.  Imagination is a powerful thing, and yeah, we keep coming back to it, but it’s what gives children their innocence.  They truly can become whatever they want, and life is limitless potential for them.  So when you sit down with your little one and crack open a book together, those words leap off the page directly into your heart.

4. They’re educational

There are countless studies that show a direct correlation between reading and early childhood development.  It helps them learn new vocabulary, pick up on visual cues, enhances memory and retention, and so much more.  Reading isn’t just about fun, but setting your child up for future success!

5. They’re personal

Yeah, playing with dolls or trucks is cool, I guess, but imagine the look on your kiddo’s face when they see themselves in their own book!  They’ll be amazed!  And not only that, they won’t be able to wait to see what’s on the next page! “C’mon, can we read just a little longer?”  Those words are music to any parent’s ears.  

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