Grandparents Day is Almost Here!

Grandparents are like stars – you might not always see them, but they’re always there. So, in honor of Grandparents Day (September 12th), we’re offering a 30% discount on our incredible personalized books specifically for grandparents and their grandkids!


Grandpa/Grandma, I’ll Always Be Your Little Liam

The OG of our Grandparents books! Personalize either Grandma/Grandpa and his/her grandchild, down to whether they have freckle and glasses or not. Choose 10 (or 15!) cute poems that really tug on the heartstrings! Tissues not included but highly recommended!

Grandpat, Grammy, I’ll Always Be Your Little Benjamin

In this edition, we wanted to put both grandparents together with their favorite grandkid (admit it, your kiddo is definitely their favorite!) in the same book! After you’ve personalized their names and appearances and chosen your 10 poems, you can also add one of our amazing gift boxes that doubles as a family-friendly board game!

Grandpop, Grandmama, We Will Always Love You (2 Grandkids)

Ok, so maybe BOTH of your kiddos are their favorites! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this incredible edition that features TWO kiddos! And don’t forget to include one of our super-cute plush toys!

Pop Pop, Meemaw, We Will Always Love You (3 Grandkids)

Get the whole gang involved in this edition that features both grandparents and THREE grandkids! It’s the perfect way for everyone to say just how deeply the bond between them is! And if you’re looking for some additional family fun, why not include one of our personalized puzzles as well!