Look who People Magazine happened to notice!!

We get so many videos of happy parents, usually in tears, sending us videos of their reactions to reading our books.  But one video is particular is going viral.  Meet Ben, a proud father who was given the now-world-famous Daddy Edition of “When Tonya Grows Up”.  Just watch the video yourself to see how he reacts.

Real Men Do Cry

And Ben isn’t alone!  It isn’t just videos, but loads of comments and reviews pour in on social media telling us all about how these guys have leaky eyes when they read this book for the first time.  Just to mention a few:

If you haven’t heard about “When Tonya/Jackson Grows Up – Daddy Edition”, it’s a book where you can personalize both dad and baby down to the tiniest detail, like whether they have freckles or wear glasses.  You also choose 10 possible careers the kiddo might be (from a possible 27 in total), from an archaeologist, an astronaut, an NBA star, or a professor.  Add a personally-written dedication to really make it yours, and create a gift to give him that’ll be loved and cherished for years to come!