Personalized Easters, personalized eaters, personalized presents.

The different traditions that link us together.

The Easter holiday has come and gone.  Leftovers from the Easter meal are being prepared for lunches, Easter candy is being eaten with glee, and our Sunday finest is back in the closet.  Everyone is back to work or back in class.  These are the moments when we like to reflect on the past weekend and see what we can take away from the holiday.  Here are a few of our observations.

One of the things that caught our attention was the vast diversity in everyone’s Easter traditions.  Let’s look at the food people eat.  Ham and eggs with mayonnaise, meatloaf, cakes and coffee, herb-roasted lamb, or a salty pie with cheese and spinach.  Do any of these sound familiar?  Does your family personalize the recipes, or stick to tradition?  We saw some amazing meals being prepared, but each family did it differently, and we love learning about how, while the dishes might be like night and day, everyone prepares something special for this special day. 

Also, some families take gift giving really seriously for Easter, while some others completely bypass this tradition.  For some families, a chocolate Easter Bunny and Cadbury eggs are fine.  Other families created personalized gifts that dropped our jaws to the floor.  For example, we saw a family create 19 different Easter Baskets for each member of the family, from Great-Granny down to the new 19-month old baby.  This had us asking ourselves what makes the perfect gift?  Is it something useful, something heartfelt, something that’ll last, something that’ll make memories?  Finding a present that ticks all of those boxes isn’t easy, which is why we’re so proud of our books.

We might be biased (ok, we are biased!), but we feel our books make the perfect gift for any occasion.  The excitement a child feels when they see themselves on the cover, the tears the parents shed when they read through the pages, the time spent together reading, these things are priceless to us.  We love knowing that our books bring joy and happiness to families every time one of our books is given as a gift. 

No matter how your family spent Easter, we felt the love and connection here in Hooray Heroes Land.  Thank you for sharing it with us!