Watch what happens when Dad reads his personalized book to his daughter

OK, so we’ve had to come to terms with the fact that we’re a huge softies.  For example, a commercial for back to school supplies had us bawling like toddlers.  Moreover, We’re also a diehard romantics, so if anything that even vaguely resembles a cute or thoughtful gesture, then cue the waterworks.

Empathy much?

So when we see someone else crying, our hearts goes out to them.  Ordinarily, if someone’s crying from happiness, we’re able to share in their joy.  Conversely, if someone is crying because they’re sad or upset, we feel sad or upset as well. 

My heart melting like ice cream on a hot day

Therefore, this video cuts us to the quick.  To see a dad so moved by a personalized book about him and his daughter, uff, it got to us.  Also, the little girl crying, too!  There’s something wrong with you if this doesn’t pull on the heart strings!  Those tears, those feelings, they’re so real, so touching. 

Get the Kleenex ready

For Father’s Day, We’re sure there’ll be tons of dads out there with tears in their eyes after opening up one of these books.  We’ve stocked up on tissues particularly for this.  Keep sending us these videos, even if our tear ducts have to work extra hard!