Couple shares their inspirational story

Dad cries, mom cries, even we cried! OK, the cats didn’t, but we bet you will!

What is persistence?  Is it continuing against the odds, striving against almost all hope in the attainment of the near-impossible?  Is it finding another way to achieve the same goals?  For Whitney Wyatt and Eric Putnam, “no” was never an option.  They’ve wanted a family since they met back in 2018, and now it’s happening!

Whitney got Eric our Daddy Edition to help them welcome the daughter they’re expecting, Octavia.  But they’re an inspiration to all families who’ve faced difficulties.  Loss is a part of life, but what we gain from those losses builds character.  It gives us a sweetness that we’d have never felt without the bitterness of the journey to get there. 

Eric and Whitney met in April of 2018, and from the outset they talked about starting a family. Both shared openly about their previous losses and how they thought they would need to adopt or foster children to start a family. So they started their foster parent classes in September 2018.

As it has a stubborn habit of doing, life got in the way and they had to take a step back from their classes. During that time, Eric and Whitney got engaged in early October 2018, and then found out later that month that they were pregnant!! For caution’s sake, they didn’t tell anyone until last Christmas, but you can imagine their excitement!

Their rainbow heroine is due July 6th 2019! So Whitney wanted to make this Father’s Day one Eric would always remember.  She saw one of our ads for our personalized Daddy Edition and knew he would love it.  One of the main draws to this book was the ability to personalize both Eric and Octavia, even though she hasn’t officially made her appearance on the world stage yet.  But our guess is she’s going to really, really close!

Not only was Eric excited, but friends and family of theirs were so excited to see his reaction!  They were calling and texting, asking for the link to the book and how to order one!  So, when you, dear reader, watch the video you can see how truly excited Eric is about this custom Daddy Edition book!  You can see that Eric gets emotional, and you can also hear Whitney unable to hold back her feels as well. To them, this is more than a book; it’s a family memory that they’ll cherish for a very long time!

That’s what persistence is.  We cannot thank them enough for sharing their beautiful story and video with us.  Stay the course, remember the bumps remind us of the smooth sailing, and keep going forward. 

“Are you then so easily turned from your design? Did you not call this a glorious expedition? And wherefore was it glorious? Not because the way was smooth and placid as a southern sea, but… because at every new incident your fortitude was to be called forth and your courage exhibited.”

                                                                      – Mary Shelley