The bitter with the sweet

After making personalized books for awhile, we’ve realized that there’s one key word in this that hits home: personal.  Since our books feature you child or children’s likenesses, as well as that of mom or dad, these books become a part of a family.  They’re a part of bedtime stories, they’re carried around but eager learners beginning to read, or they’re read by parents to that upcoming bundle of joy in vitro.  Either way, they become something more than words and images printed on paper.

The Bitter

Deejea got her husband Michael one of our books for her husband for Father’s Day this year.  He’s an active service member for the United States Air Force, and he’s about to deploy overseas.  That’s hard.  He has to put the service to his country over time spent with his family.  For example, story time is especially hard for him.  Michael cherishes reading with his son and daughter before they go to sleep, so this deployment is going to extra tough on him.

The Sweet

Enter Deejea.  She had seen one of our ads on Facebook and several pictures posted there, so she was curious about what we do.  She decided to check out our website and immediately fell in love with the idea of making a book for him with his son.  Her son loved seeing our personalization of him, but if you’ve seen the video then you’ll know just how deeply Deejea’s husband was touched. 

The Even Sweeter

So, as he’s going to be away, Michael had an idea.  He spent a couple of hours recording himself reading the book to his children.  Like Deejea, we’re so proud of her husband for his sacrifice, but we know that it isn’t easy to be away from home.  We’re wishing them the best, a safe return, and many more memories reading together!