Dads return from deployment to read a personalized book to their daughters

Why We Love Surprises

As our days grow more and more routine, guessing what might happen next makes surprises all the more exhilarating. But for some families, this is made impossible by the fact their loved ones are away in a far off land for months at a time. In fact, some haven’t ever met their children before they deploy hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A Heartfelt Shock

First, allow us to introduce you to Birdie and her family.  At home it’s her, two sisters, and momma. Meanwhile, daddy’s been away on deployment serving in the military for over a year.  So, for her birthday, her mom got her “When Birdie Grows Up – Daddy Edition” to remind her of her loving father so far away.  Or so she thought.  When her mom asks her if she’d like for her daddy to read it to her, cue his entrance stage right.  Surprise! Not only is she surprised by his sudden appearance, but so are Birdie’s sisters. We were so touched to see the reality of Birdie’s dad surprising his family in such a heartfelt way.

Meeting for the First Time

Next, meet Reina.  Reina’s parents, Martha and Domingo, are both active service members in the Air Force and Navy.  Domingo came home to find the Daddy Edition of “When Reina Grows Up” waiting for him.  A surprise.  Joy intermingled with tears.  Above all, when we see photos like this, hands over the eyes to wipe back the most exquisite of tears, it reminds all of us of our families and the times it was us in Domingo’s position, overflowing with emotion.

Keep Those Surprises Coming

When we really think about it, surprises, especially the good kind, add an element of excitement to the daily routines we so diligently follow.  We love seeing the surprised reactions to when parents receives one of our books.  For instance, the smiles are genuine, the emotions raw and real, the joy evident.  As such, our smiles are from ear to ear when we see photos from parents surprising their loved ones and using our books as a way to bring everyone together. Keep sending us those surprise reactions.  It’s incredibly refreshing and heartwarming to see.

A BRAND NEW Book for Dads and their Kiddos is Here!

We’ve got a BRAND NEW book that we think y’all’re gonna love! It’s heartfelt, it’s beyond adorable, and it’s available NOW !You asked. We Listened! We wanted to incorporate as many of your suggestions as possible into this new book. So we’ve added a ton of new features!

  1. Parents on the cover and every page
  2. More personalization options
  3. Personalizable “nicknames” for the parents
  4. Your choice of sidekick that appears throughout the book

We’ve also added a new career you can choose, the Armed Forces Service Member.