Hooray Heroes is heading to the Great White North! Amazing news, eh?

You read that right! We can’t wait to be in the land of Timmies, loonies, toonies, tuques, and poutine! 
Canada, get ready for THE BEST personalized books ever for both kiddos and grown-ups.
Better than beavertails? Sweeter than a double-double? Tough choice, but we think so!

So much choice!

Very soon, you lucky Canuck parents will be able to choose from our wide variety of books that include, but are not limited to, our books for 2 or 3 siblings, twins, one about the magic of watching your child grow up right in front of your eyes and a book that stores all of your kiddo’s best memories with their grandparents in one place – with new editions already in the works …

The best part about creating our books?

We have heaps of personalization options! With over 9 MILLION personalization combinations, you’ll be able to create characters that look just like you and your tiny tykes! We’ve never seen two identical books because each and every one is totally unique!

No crocodile (dundee) tears here!

Chocked full of emotion, they’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry (only happy tears, we promise!), and you’ll have heaps of fun creating them for your little ones!

Coming soon!

Keep your eyes open and watch out for news on our social media accounts.
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