How our books are made

You Asked, We Made a Video

It wasn’t so long ago that Hooray Heroes was bombarded with emails and messages about what really happens when someone personalizes a book with us.  Since there were so many questions about the process a book goes through, from tapping a smartphone screen until the book arrives at your front door, we decided the best way to explain it is by walking you through it, step by step.

A Labor of Love

We think our books are amazing, and we’re also incredibly glad that so many people out there think the same!  So when it came to making a video about the How of what goes into a personalized book, we sweated and toiled to create a video that hopefully does this incredibly intricate, yet amazingly simple, process the justice it deserves.

Team work

We made the entire video in-house, really wanting to highlight how our staff works together to seamlessly bring you and your kiddo to life in our personalized children’s books.  Hope you enjoyed it!