The FEELS MOVEMENT Strikes Again!

We’ve been saying it for awhile now, but we definitely think that our personalized books for kids make the best gifts when it comes to hitting you right in the feels.  We get to see all the videos and photos parents have sent to us of their partners crying their eyes out they read our books for the first time.  But the phenomena we like to call The Feels Movement, this is what we really can’t get over.

Don’t Believe Us? Watch This!

The Feels Movement

Ever since we released the Daddy Edition of “When Tonya/Theo Grows Up”, we’ve been noticing how fathers are reacting when they read this beautifully crafted and moving book.  It isn’t hard to tell what the general theme of their reactions is, either.  Ok, so if we have to spell it out: TEARS!  Dads are crying everywhere!  And we totally get it!

Crying Daddies? You Betcha!!

Real men do cry, especially when something touches their hearts down to its innermost core.  And our Daddy Edition does exactly that.  It’s true, we can’t 100% guarantee that he’ll definitely cry, but we’re absolutely sure he’ll be touched.  Moved.  Have his heartstrings tugged a little.  And that might be all all it takes to get the waterworks flowing!