Book for Grandparents

What to Get your Grandparents for Grandparents Day!

Remember, Remember the 13th of September! It isn’t exactly how the rhyme goes, but be sure to mark your calendars! It’s National Grandparents Day! And we’ve got the perfect gift for them that’ll melt their hearts: our BRAND NEW personalized book for Grandma or Grandpa and their grandchild!

It’s here just in time!

We wanted to have this amazing book ready for Grandparents Day, so our team worked extra hard to make sure it was juuuuuuust right and ready for launch.  It’s got everything that will make this day one for the history books! You can choose what the child calls the grandparent, over 7 million personalization options for both grandparent and grandchild, and you can choose 10 precious everyday moments they’ll share together forever!

It’ll knock their socks off!

This is THE gift to get for Grandparents Day! And even if your kiddo’s grandparents aren’t living nearby, you can always have it delivered right to their doorstep. Trust us, they’ll love it! How do we know? Well, we tried it out on a few grandparents already! Take a look at the videos and see for yourselves just how moved they were when they got something that brings to life that incredible bond shared between generations!

Grandparents perosnalised book gift