A mother and child read a personalized xmas book together next to a Christmas tree.

The Very Best Hooray Heroes Christmas Gifts for Mom

A mother and child read a personalized xmas book together next to a Christmas tree.
The best Christmas gifts for Mom are waiting for you at Hooray Heroes!

So, this Christmas, you’re planning on giving Mom a unique, personalized book from Hooray Heroes. Great idea! If you’re still on the fence over which one to gift, here’s a selection of the best Hooray Hero books for Mom guaranteed to brighten the holidays!


10 Christmas Wishes for Mom

An absolute must-have for Mom this Christmas! In this personalized Christmas book, a child makes 10 Christmas wishes for their mother. Instead of wishing for toys, the wishes of the child include powerful values like sharing, helping the unfortunate, love, spending time together, and more!

The stories in this book take the form of heart-warming poems that anyone at any age can enjoy. Teach one is accompanied by amazingly detailed and colorful illustrations, which creates a sense of wonder and imagination. Thanks to our numerous customization options, it’s easy to create characters that look just like mother and child, guaranteeing that they’ll truly become part of the adventure.

Additionally, we also have a Premium Edition (15 stories + a festive gold cover) of this book available as well as a version for dad!

Happy Mommy Day

Perfect for superhero moms! The concept of this book is beautifully simple: a child and their father tell mom why they admire her through poems. The loving relationship between mother and child takes center stage with Dad (in full Daddy mode) never far behind.

The cover of a Hooray Heroes personalized book, Happy Mommy Day.
The personalized cover of “Happy Mommy Day“!

Show mom how much you appreciate her with incredible stories that depict Mom as a queen, princess, secret agent and more with each illustration describing an aspect of her that you love. This book is intended for adults but can also easily be read to a child.

A Book for Young Mothers: Silas’s Guide for Mommy and Daddy

Is your wife, sweetheart or partner about to give birth and you want to give her a little Christmas surprise in anticipation of that bouncing baby? What better than this spicy personalized book for young parents entitled Silas’s Guide for Mommy and Daddy.

The cover of a Hooray Heroes' personalized family book, Silas's Guide for Mommy and Daddy.

This hilariously spicy book for young parents perfectly depicts how the arrival of a baby shakes up the daily lives of parents. With baby as the narrator, Silas’s Guide for Mommy and Daddy is painfully realistic and wonderfully funny giving expectant parents an idea of what’s to come and letting new parents know they aren’t alone!

It’s the perfect Christmas gift to announce, with joy and laughter, the arrival of life’s greatest gift: the birth of your child!

You’ll Always Be My Little Boy/Girl Series

In this series of books for Mom + up to three children, the little pleasures of everyday life are put on display through stories like Run Off to School, Be My Travel Guide, Win a Bear at the Fair and more!

To read more on these bestsellers for moms, check out our article on the original! FYI, they tend to move moms to tears!


I Love You Mom

Don’t be fooled! Hooray Heroes personalized books are for adults too. “I Love You Mom” is an unbelievable heartfelt book for moms from their adult son or daughter where they her know how important she has been in their life. It truly is a Christmas gift full of emotion, nostalgia, and beautiful truths.

The cover of a Hooray Heroes personalized book for mom from their adult son or daughter.

This book highlights the 10 qualities or traits that you appreciate the most in your mother. The vibrant illustrations and sincere poems let her know that she is and has always been your guide, your protector, and your role model!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the dedication option we offer, allowing you to include a personalized message for mom that will tell her what’s in your heart. It’s sure to make this Christmas gift an unforgettable one. Having trouble finding the words? No worries! Check out our selection of Christmas quotes and those just for Moms!

This amazing book can also be given to an amazing grandmother!

Books for Grandma and Grandchildren

If you’re looking for a way to make mom’s day by playing the “grandchildren” card, our series of personalized books for grandma is certain to do the trick this Christmas. We have several books available: Grandma + 1 grandchild or Grandma and Grandpa + up to three grandchildren!

The cover of a personalized book for grandmothers and one grandchild.
Or just for Grandma and grandchild!

These books not only capture precious memories, but also help to create new ones. Grandparents will be thrilled to read these beautiful stories to their grandchildren, and, once these children are all grown up, they will also look back fondly on that time spent together!
Here’s what you’re likely to see when she opens her gift on December 25:


This Christmas, you won’t be able to say “I don’t know what to get them”. At least not at Hooray Heroes when you see how much our customers love what reaches them! So, there’s no reason not to get a truly wonderful Christmas gift for your significant other – our personalized books for couples. This book is currently available in a number of different editions:

The Christmas Edition:
10 Reasons I Love You More Than Christmas

In this special Christmas edition, put on your best (gaudiest) Christmas sweaters and let your heart do the talking. Let your wife or girlfriend know that she is what makes Christmas special in 10 stories that put your love into words.

Also available in a Premium Christmas edition with 15 stories and a festive gold cover. Goes perfectly with our personalized Christmas cards!

Original Version: 10 Reasons I Love You

If you’re looking for a more timeless gift, then you might want to opt for this version entitled “10 Reasons I Love You”.

The poems and stories found in this original version of the book are the same as those found in the Christmas edition and will put into words everything that you feel with a splash of humor and a dash of tenderness. This version is also available for same-sex couples and is just the thing to kindle a little romance on Christmas Day!

And if you really want to go the extra mile (once you’ve finished writing a beautiful message of love or including a great quote for couples into your dedication), you may want to consider our Premium Edition of this book (15 stories + limited edition silver foil cover)!

Perfect Imperfections

Finally, for couples who have passed the “everything is peachy” stage of their relationship (and have a good sense of humor), we have the perfect Christmas gift for you. This personalized book puts all of your partner’s little imperfections on display in all their glory.

A man holding a personalized meme-inspired book for couples.
A book all about the little imperfections that make you love her more!

The illustrations and poems are meme-inspired and genuinely hilarious (without being too mean, of course!).

A meme-a-liciously spicy book that makes for a super fun Christmas gift that your significant other will definitely remember!

Need Gifts for Other Members of the Family?

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Hooray Heroes wished you the Happiest of Holidays and all the best for the New Year!