A frog figurine on his knees with a bouquet.

The Strangest, Most Cringe-Worthy Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

A frog figurine on his knees with a bouquet.
Source: Pixabay

Valentine’s Day is easily one of the most romantic days of the year … and the most cliché. So instead of the usual, let’s take a look at something wonderfully unusual! Here are Hooray Heroes’ list of the top 15 cringe-worthy gifts you could possibly give this Valentine’s Day.

Food & Drinks

A Valentine place setting at a table with a plate that says "love" in the center.

You’d think that the gift of food would always be welcome, but it seems that there are some exceptions to this rule. Should your foodie have a good sense of humour though, the following would definitely be memorable, if not tasty.

1. “Uniquely” Flavored Soda

We’re saying unique, but what we mean is weird. Very weird. Would you try Ranch flavored soda? Bacon soda? Sweet corn soda? For the more adventurous at heart, some of these could be a real treat, but we’ll pass. Let us know how it goes!

2. Meathearts

Lots of sweetheart valentine's candy in a variety of colors.

Certainly not a gift for our vegetarian or vegan friends, these Meathearts are essentially the same as the Sweetheart candies we all grew up with, but with one crucial difference. They’re made of meat. More specifically, beef jerky. Unusual, but possibly perfect for the hopeless carnivore in your life!  

3. Pickle Bouquet

Five pickles on a wooden cutting board.

Unlike the previous entry, this one is much more friendly to vegans and vegetarians and can even be made at home! We figure that your best bet is to throw yourself full on into the weirdness and pair it with some other decorative vegetables or salamis and finish it off with a pun-tastic note (something along the lines of I love you a great dill) and you’re all set!

4. 20 Shades of Chicken

A whole roast chicken on a cutting board.

When we said cringe, we meant it. Fortunately, the book is self-aware enough to classify itself as “A Parody in a Cookbook” and with chapters that include, “The Novice Bird”, “Falling to Pieces”, and “Birds Gone Wild”, you’re likely in for a good laugh every time you flip through it. And, really, what could be a better gift than that?

We’re also sure that any food lover would appreciate this amazing story from our bestselling personalized love book. With customized characters, names, dedication, story selection, and order, it’s the easiest way to say I love you.


A valentine's day candle, pink tulips and a white heart ornament on a table.

Valentine’s Day related décor usually means candles, heart wielding teddy bears, and perhaps the odd heart-shaped cushion. Should your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife not be into that sort of thing, we’ve found some other ideas sure to receive a place of honor in their home (or possibly the nearest trash can).

1. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pillow

A red and white throw pillow with "I love you" written on it.

Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend miss one another when you’re apart? These bizarrely shaped pillows are meant to mimic the effect of cuddling, but, honestly, to us, they scream forever alone. Could we be wrong? Absolutely, but you have to admit that it’s probably not something you’d want out in the open when guests come over.

2. Giant Rubber Chicken

A rubber chicken that has been squashed into a hole in a door.

Slightly less of a cringy entry, but definitely a strange one. Does someone you love need a giant rubber chicken in their life? Where will they put it? Who knows! What will they do with it? Who cares! If your special someone loves a ridiculous gift, just hand them one of these with no explanation and be on your way.

3. A Talking Teddy Bear

An orange teddy bear sitting in front of a red heart ornament.

We know, we know. There ARE indeed occasions when these bears are a (potentially) good idea. But there are also plenty of occasions when they’re not. Honestly, the line you’re walking between creepy and adorable here is more than we can bear (pun very much intended).

Want to give your special someone a one-of-a-kind stuffed bear that won’t creep them out? Check out Bondee! He’s adorable and, best of all, totally silent! Instead of recording yourself saying “I love you” too soon, this little guy comes with a customizable bandana that includes the name of your beloved. Much, much better!

A photo of a Bondee teddy bear plushie with a personalized bandana from Hooray Heroes.


A lovingly selected piece of clothing can make for a truly thoughtful gift for this holiday of love, but there are also lines we shouldn’t cross. Like. Ever.

1. A Two Person Sweater

A couple dressed warmly with the woman riding piggy back.

We’re not sure who would ever wear this bizarre monstrosity for more than 5 minutes, but here it is! Who has ever wanted to get the adult equivalent of the “getting along shirt” with their hubby, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend? No one? What a surprise!

2. Custom Socks Covered in Your Face

Someone with colorful warm socks on their feet next to an open book and a cup of coffee.

For a gift that really screams, I’ll be watching youlike a piece of clothing with your face on it over and over and over again. Chances are it’ll either be relegated to the back of a drawer until the end of time or unceremoniously chucked in the trash.

3. Heart Shaped Mittens

Someone wearing mittens making the shape of a heart with their hands.

If you’re more the type of person that wants to tell their significant other that they’re more than a bit needy, this might be just the thing! These inseparable mittens are not only matching, but allow you to hold hands while keeping your fingers warm. Want to let go and stay warm? Better to opt for a more ordinary pair of mittens in that case.

A much more heartfelt way to display your love can be found in our personalized pictures and puzzles available for couples and families. Customized by you, these are an adorable DIY gift that will not have them reconsidering their relationship status.


A number of personal accessories in a handbag.

There are so many amazingly precious accessories out there, that it’s hard not to find one that matches your special someone’s interests. Inevitably though, there are those that miss and miss hard.

1. Beard Bouquet

A man with grey hair and glasses and a beard.

We’re not sure exactly what the purpose of these is (we’re guessing there isn’t one), but they will certainly function as a statement piece for any outfit. Being artificial foliage, they will likely live to see many Valentine’s Days… possibly at the dump.

2. Purse That Looks Like Cake

A cake that was made to look like a pink purse, lipstick, and nail polish.

Ok, this one is a borderline good idea. We’re sure there are many cake-a-holics out there who would love the chance to go out on the town with a cake shaped handbag. We do have to wonder about the practicality of it. How much could you possibly store in a giant piece of cake, after all? Regardless, the fun factor of this one is pretty high, so it gets a pass.    

3. Name Tattoo

A person getting someone's name tattooed on their arm.

The worst of all bad ideas – the boyfriend/girlfriend tattoo. Despised by tattoo artists the world over (just ask one and you’ll see!), while permanently inking someone’s name on your flesh forever might seem like the grandest of all grand gestures, statistically, it’s a big no no. Maybe make sure you have a cover up backup plan juuuuust in case.

A nice alternative and slightly less permanent way to let your love shine can be found in the form of our custom night light boxes. With a gorgeous laser cut design, this night light box glows delicately, can store the personalized book of your choice and will definitely brighten up your significant other’s living space the way you brighten up their life.


A man in a sweater making a funny face at the camera.

We’re nearly at the finish and there were a couple of ideas that were so amazingly good (or bad, depending on how you look at it) that we couldn’t leave them out.

1. “You’ve Got Crabs” The Card Game

A red crab on a rock facing the camera.

Take a minute and flip through the specifics of this game. Please. Just do it. We’ll wait. If you are planning on ordering this for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, we would definitely go for the “Imitation Crab Expansion” kit which includes 2 giant wearable crab claws. Why? Because if you’re going for weird, why not go all in?

2. Rude Valentine’s Day Cards

A valentine's day card with a heart on it and markers.

Tired of the same old I <3 U cards for Valentine’s Day? Well then, why not try saying it with an insult? While we know there are those who would easily roll over laughing at the sight of a quirky card like these, we also know that it might not go over so well with those expecting romance. Tread lightly.

Need something a little more traditional? Take a look at our custom Valentine’s Day cards that include the two of you personalized on the front and space for a sweet dedication or Valentine’s quote on the inside. They’re a definite Valentine’s win!

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Hooray Heroes