Personalized book for kids and pets coming soon!

Do you talk to your pets? Even better, do you answer for them as well?

For example, I caught my mom talking to AND for our dog so many times that I lost count. Because pets are a part of the family. They’re the tail that wags, the tongue that lolls, the excitement waiting for us at our front doors

“Who’s a good boy?!?!? Who’s a good girl?!??!”

Since you asked for them, we listened. As a result, coming this fall, it won’t just be people heroes, but people and pet heroes! It’ll be paw-some, and we can’t thank you enough fur your suggestions! We’re chasing our tails with excitement!

Time for the Animal Puns!

We’re pawsitive you’re going to love this personalized book. In other words, it’s driving us mutts just thinking about it! I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. We think it’s the purrrfect addition to our line of personalized books.