A grandmother proudly showing her personalized book for grandparents from Hooray Heroes on a video call.

Granny and Grandpa Deserve A Grandparents Day Gift!

It’s starting all over again. The days are getting shorter and colder and the numbers of Covid cases are rising. However, there’s something we can look forward to. September 11th is Grandparents Day! Make sure grandma and grandpa get a little something on their special day even if you may not be able to visit them. Here comes the best Grandparents Day gift idea ever.

A grandmother, proudly showing her personalized book for grandparents from Hooray Heroes on a video call.

“What is the best gift for Grandparents Day?”

Can you imagine your life without grandma and grandpa? We can’t. That’s why we created the best gift for grandparents, perfect as a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary, and especially as a Grandparents Day gift. It’s a personalized book for grandmother, grandfather, or both grandparents and their grandchildren! That means you get to choose what you want the book to talk about while also making the characters look just like your grandparents!

Watch the video to see how to make a personalized book at home!

“What kind of personalized books for grandparents do you have?”

You can choose between a personalized book for grandmother, grandfather or both grandparents together.

The covers of personalized books for grandparents from Hooray Heroes.

In addition to that, you can also pick a book for one, two, or three grandchildren! The kids may be siblings or cousins!

When you’ve picked your book, you get to choose the hair, skin, and eye colors of your grandparents, their hairstyle, and the shape of their eyes. You can also tick the personalization options for glasses and freckles.

Sketches of a grandmother and a grandfather from the personalized book for grandparents by Hooray Heroes.
We made them look super realistic just for you!

Not only do you get to personalize granny and grandpa, but all of the kids too! Look how cute you can make them!

Furthermore, you get to select 10 stories that describe your favorite grandparent-grandchildren activities. Do they enjoy traveling, camping, cooking, or playing music?

TIP: For only $4.90 you get to choose 5 stories more and put even more memories into your special personalized book for grandparents.

At this point, it’s time to write the perfect dedication with which you let grandparents know how grateful you are for all the love and support they offered your family throughout the years. If you’re at a loss for words, opt for one of the prewritten dedications that are offered on our webpage, or keep it simple and just say:

“I am thankful for you today and every day. Happy Grandparents Day!”

Finally, you get to add a special gift box or wait for the personalized book for grandparents to arrive at your door and wrap it up beautifully. Go for floral patterns if you’re giving the book to grandma alone, and tartan or a geometric pattern if you’re wrapping the gift for grandpa.

Hurry up and order your book in time for Grandparents day!

Show them you care.