Two customized Christmas avatars of a couple, a page from a personalized Christmas book for boyfriends and girlfriends.

The 5 Most Beautiful Christmas Gifts for Your Ladylove

Two customized Christmas avatars of a couple, a page from a personalized  Christmas book for boyfriends and girlfriends.

Christmas is around the corner and you’re still looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife? We’ve got ideas galore, but we think that the best Christmas gift is a Hooray Heroes personalized book!

Christmas Book for Couples

This personalized book for couples completely immerses you in the magic of the season. Tell the love of your life why she makes Christmas amazing, and, more importantly, why you love her.

The stories are heartfelt and beautifully illustrated. Our multiple customization options allow you to make your characters look just like you and you can even write a little dedication or a declaration of love!

She is guaranteed to LOVE it!

Should you prefer a less seasonal love book, we would suggest our bestseller for couples:

This book has been a real hit not just in the USA, but the world over. Wonderfully, you create it yourself, and it’s super easy and quick to do! Definitely the perfect choice for December 25th!

This book has even been popular with celebrities have loved this book like Clinton Moxam, star of the MTV show Are You the One?

10 Christmas Wishes for Mommy

The cover of a Hooray Heroes custom Xmas book for mother and child.

Finally, a Christmas book made just for your wife or girlfriend and your child!

The stories take the form of tender poems that are as fun for Mom as for your little one. They are accompanied by amazingly detailed, wonderfully colorful illustrations.

This book tends to be very popular during the holidays, due to its quality, themes, and message. It’s a gift that is meaningful, unique, and handmade! Guys, you know what you have to do!

The Pawsome Adventures of Wifey and Her Pet

If the woman in your life is crazy about her little or not-so-little ball of fur (and we’re not talking about you…), then this is the book for her this Christmas.

In this personalized pets book, customize your lady love as a child alongside her cat or dog!

We’ve got many breeds and coat shades to choose from allowing you to create a very realistic reproduction of her four-legged friend!

Happy Mommy Day

In this book, your lucky lady, child and you are all personalized as characters! Here, your child tells his/her mom why she is his/her hero.

Illustrations from a beautiful personalized book for moms.

Choose 10 stories with truly breathtaking accompanying illustrations to delight your wife or girlfriend with this book narrated by your child.

Always Little Series for Moms

In this series, you take on the wonderful task of customizing your better half + up to 3 children. The stories are all about their daily life and the joy that the little things of life can bring.

This is a gift that is certain to make her cry (but only happy tears!) and is something that she will cherish for years to come! Plus, you’ll surprise the kiddos too! The proof is in the pudding:

Need More Gifts for the Family?

Looking for Christmas gifts for kids, grandparents, or dads? Click on the links to discover our wide collection of custom books!

Merry Christmas from Hooray Heroes!